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Okay, you're probably wondering what this is about. It's a little side project of mine to test out the rules system in a larger game I'm writing, but that said it'll probably get blown way out of proportion. What this is is a mix of conservative and new (well, not terribly original, but stuff I'd like to see more often in the tabletop game market). It's a simple game at heart, but that's not to say it's an incomplete game. The setting's more loosely defined than a “finished” product, but part of that's to make it more open to players and Game Masters. If you haven't played tabletop games and aren't familiar with the lingo, here's a brief overview.

Tabletop games incorporate humans and random chance to generate a game. Sometimes these games are not unlike video games, with relatively high amounts of numerical intervention leading players to essentially ''rollplay'', some are very loose and rely on the mutual consent of the players with less or limited impact from dice or cards (''roleplay''). Admittedly, Orchestra tries to create a dice heavy ''rollplay'' system, but that's because players can pick and choose what they want to roleplay with the help of a Game Master (a.k.a. GM), a person who typically is not a player of the game, but sets it up to follow a story he or she has imagined already (or at least the basic points of), and ignore the hard-set rules for these bits. Have fun playing.

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