In Drifting, Orchestra's core dice system is applied, but in a much different manner. Characters get "tokens" to put towards tests; these are represented by an abstract term. For instance, "Soldier" adds a die onto any military-related roll, whether it's using a military grade weapon or following proper communications etiquette. Tokens are also used for challenges and environments, and vary based on handling.

Character Tokens

Character tokens are the realm of the average player. For the most part, they are pretty simple, but are divided into categories to represent different focuses.


General tokens are things like "Military", "Space", "Engineer" or "Con Artist", which can be used for a vast number of applications.


Focused tokens are things like "Handguns", "M38 Atlas Transports", "First Aid", and "Driving", which come in handy in specific scenarios and only then. It is important to note that these scenarios don't need to be common, they just need to be relatively specific. They can, however, be applied liberally into all their area ("M38 Atlas Transports" would include repairing, navigating, and flying the ships, while "Driving" probably wouldn't cover more than just changing tires and getting places).


Disambiguation tokens are used like any other token, but in conjunction with another token. When a scenario applies that two tokens are applicable, a disambiguation token allows a skill that almost is permissible to be used certainly. For instance, a Military disambiguation token would allow a pilot to undertake a bombing mission- Piloting doesn't cover dropping bombs, but Military Piloting does.


Reputation tokens are attached to each character; both the GM and Player may call on it once, and they provide no modifier (meaning they can only be used for their dice). They are gained through the lifepath system, and reflect what peoples' preconceived notions of a character are. These do not necessarily represent the character, and are used solely during interpersonal relations (i.e. a person has a reputation of being a techie and someone asks them to help with a broken toaster).

Challenge Tokens

Every situation has challenge tokens that represent what is required to get out of the situation. These typically are equivalent to a general character token, and allow the narrator to make one or more rolls against the players. A failed challenge leads to a "strike" on a player, which is handled more in the Gameplay section. Challenges can be tackled in multiple rolls; with each roll the narrator decides how many challenge tokens to burn to add dice to a roll opposing the players.

Ways Out

Ways Out provide a second option for characters- while they are more difficult they allow a more diverse response. For instance, running into a military policeman on the street while drunk on shore leave can be a matter of talking him out of it (preferred route) or knocking him out before he can recognize the characters involved, trying to run away before he can identify them, or trying to pass as totally sober (which are "ways out" of the situation). The narrator is encouraged to offer at least one player-friendly way out of a situation, but at least two tokens should be added onto the challenge.

Environment Tokens

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