ABACUS is the character tracking system used in Orchestra. It measures the natural aptitude, conditioning, and skills of a character.

ABACUS-PH is an acronym for Orchestra's statistic tracking system; Agility, Bulk, Awareness, Cleverness, Understanding, and Sympathy are the six attributes that comprise the ''natural'' group of human attributes. These are the generic things present in every person that allow them to function on a daily basis, though some people are better than average at them. In addition to these are the powerful Dominance abilities that all players and several non-player characters have.

The ABACUS attributes are further broken down into four color categories:

Red (Agility, Bulk) represents physical strength and the ability to use it effectively, as well as resisting disease and injury.
Blue (Awareness and Cleverness) represents intelligence and the ability to assess surroundings.
Green (Understanding and Sympathy) are the ''social'' attributes, used to understand others' thoughts and appeal to them respectively.

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